Create Your Emergency Pet Plan


May 1, 2020

We all want to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. No one wants to think of an unexpected emergency, but you’ll really want a plan in place should something happen. Whether it’s your own emergency, or a pet-related emergency, we’ll walk you through creating your pet-friendly emergency plan.

Once you’ve created your plan, reach out to a trusted loved one and send them a copy. They can help you activate your pet’s emergency plan should something happen. While we of course hope everyone in your family (fur family members included!) stay happy and healthy, it’s smart to come up with a plan and go over it every few months to keep it top-of-mind.

A Pet-Related Emergency

The best advice we can give pet parents is to know where the closest emergency vet is to you at home and when traveling. Just like you know which hospital you’d go to in an emergency, you should know where standard and emergency vets are too. Knowing the proximity, accessibility and phone number of your local vets allows you to take a level of panic out of an emergency situation. Should your pet have an accident, you can get to an open, nearby vet in record time without the hassle of a frazzled Google search.

Thankfully, with Bivvy pet insurance, you can go to any vet. This is a great example of why Bivvy’s affordable dog and cat insurance is a cut above other insurers. Unlike many other insurers, we skip the hassle of vet networks and insurance cards. You can go to any licensed vet, anywhere. Simply send us a copy of your vet bill when your pet gets the care they need!

In addition to having your nearby vets mapped out and insurance in tow, it’s smart to have a pet go-bag should an emergency strike. We recommend having a spare leash, baggie of food and a beloved toy (or a duplicate of their favorite) in your car at all times. Should you need to whisk your pet to the vet for an overnight visit, they’ll have a few comforts of home with them.

In addition to your pet’s favorite items, be sure to include a list of your dog or cat’s medications and medical history. In an emergency situation you don’t want to have to rack your brain and create this list for your vet on the spot. Instead, you can have a list ready to go and as up to date as possible. Be sure to also share a copy of this list with a trusted neighbor or friend. Should something happen while you’re away, you’ll want them to have access to your pet’s medical history to share with the vet on your behalf.

Your Pet’s Okay, But There’s Another Emergency

Now that your pet’s medical emergency plan is sorted out,let’s move on to other emergency scenarios. No one can predict the future, so we encourage you to be prepared for whatever life may throw your way!

First up, we highly recommend setting up a local trusted friend (who lives out of your home) with a copy of your pet’s emergency plan. As we covered above, they should have a copy of your pet’s medical history and prescriptions. However, be sure to also include information on your pet’s feeding schedule, pet food of choice, and local vet. If you’re comfortable with this, we’d also suggest including instructions on how they should access your home in an emergency. Examples here could be providing them with a spare key, the garage code, etc. Should something happen and you’re unable to come home as expected, you’ll want your friend to be able to check-in on your pet.

If a long-term pet sitter isn’t an option, we suggest doing advanced research on pet boarding in your area. Knowing who has flexible drop-in hours and is reasonably priced will be a big stress reliever should you need to find a boarder in a hurry. Again, having a master list of your pet’s needs and wants will make drop-off far easier for you and your boarder.

While a friend may watch your pet for free, a boarder will cost you. We suggest planning ahead with an emergency savings account. By putting funds aside when you can, such as with every paycheck, you’ll be more prepared should you have to board your pet unexpectedly.

Again, we hope you and your loved ones stay happy and healthy. However, should something happen, it’s best to be prepared with an emergency plan for your pet.

Share our post with your pet-loving friends and family to ensure they’re prepared too! For those local friends and family, this may be a great opportunity to volunteer to be their designated pet sitter. Plus, be sure to share the value of Bivvy’s affordable cat and dog health insurance. We’re currently available to residents of Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia and Wisconsin.

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