Engaging Cat Toys For Your Feline Friend



March 1, 2020

Between cat naps in the sun, our feline friends like to stay busy! While “staying busy” may simply mean finding a shadier spot to snooze, at some point or another they should activate their minds and bodies. That’s wherea good toy can come in handy.

Before you wander aimlessly through a pet store or sign up for a subscription box with too many toys to count, we have a few hot tips on how you can select toys that are sure to excite your cat and your wallet.

Active Activities

Just like human kids, cats are attracted to toys that light up and move. Finding a few toys that keep your cat on their toes is a great way to get them engaged in play instead of passively passing through their day. Toys that make them move their paws are an exercise on their own! Not to mention, it keeps their minds alert.

track tower cat toy has fun on every level, no really! With bright, patterned balls that go around on different tracks, your cat can keep themselves entertained for hours. Plus, it’s not too loud or large to be a distraction within your home. They even make single-level versions with a scratcher in the center.

Another great option to keep your cat active is a smart mat. This toy mimics “prey” by electronically moving an object under a durable fabric. With lights to boot, this toy will keep your cat moving and thinking. A healthy cat means a happy you!

Sometimes Simple is Best

Whether you have a toy destroyer in the household or are on a slimmer budget, there are many free or low-cost ways to keep your feline friend active and having fun.

If it fits, make them sit! Pull out different sized containers and have your cat try and fit in them and make new resting spots out of household items. Empty box? Check. Old winter boot? Check. Tupperware? You betcha!

Like babies, cats love a good round of peek-a-boo. Pick up a towel or blanket (perhaps one you don’t mind being pawed and potentially snagged) and give your cat a run for their peek-a-boo money.

You can also make your own toys at home, such as a craft feather on the end of fishing wire. Just keep in mind the materials you use should be safe enough for your cat to chew on or paw, so be mindful when creating the toy of your cat’s dreams.

Make Em’ Work for It!

Mealtime can also be play time. Get your cat moving to earn their grub with a treat or food dispenser ball. This toy looks like a plastic ball, but actually holds up to 2/3 cup of dry food or treats! With holes of different difficulties that you can adjust, your cat can chase after their ball as it dispenses food slowly with each move.

Keep up their “smart meals” by introducing your fur baby to a treat maze. The rectangular box has three sections (easy, medium and hard) to test your kitty’s treat capturing capabilities. Don’t want to buy it? Make one yourself!

Catch and Release

Your cat likely enjoys two square meals a day in the comfort of his home, however even household cats are still hardwired to hunt for prey. A fun way for your cat to test out their skills is with a wand teaser toy. Slither, wave and bounce this toy using the wand and get your cat to chase their “prey.” Be sure to let your cat catch the toy once and a while!

There’s another great toy to keep your cat on their toes,and it’s an incredibly simple concept. A spring! Now, before you take the door stopper off of your wall, be sure to get a pet-safe spring from your local pet store.They can bounce, be chewed, and keep your kitty active. Not to mention, toy storage is a breeze as they’re teeny and easy to bring along when you have kitty play dates.

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