Adopting a Pet in a Pandemic



December 1, 2020

2020, what a year!

Many of us are still working from the comfort of our own home with no plans to go back anytime soon. Not to mention we don’t get to see friends and family as often as we used to, which can lead to stress and loneliness. The feelings that come with this pandemic can be overwhelming, and it’s more important than ever to get your exercise in and those endorphins flowing. With that said, now is the perfect time to add a fur baby to your family!


Isolation can be lonely and a pet is a great solution! They provide the ultimate companionship with their unconditional love for you and your family. Spending a lot of time at home gives you the chance to bond with your pet and appreciate their goofy personality. Whether they are chasing their tail or playing with a toy, their silly qualities are sure to bring a smile to your face.

If you have children, the love and bond they will have with your pet is indescribable. They’ll be instant best friends, we’re sure of it. Whether your kiddos are throwing the ball for them with their baseball pitch or dribbling a soccer ball around their new furry defender, both pup and kiddo will have a blast.

Now, when we’re home more than ever before, what better time to welcome home a cat or dog. From an excited welcome at the front door to a snuggle buddy for your endless at-home movie nights, we could all use a little extra love these days!

Reduce Stress

In uncertain times, it is much easier to feel stressed and anxious. Pets have been proven to reduce stress, ease loneliness, and improve our mood. They can sense our emotions and make great listeners! After a long day, spending quality time with your fur baby can help put you at ease.

According to a 2016 study, 74% of pet owners reported improvements in mental health from pet ownership and 75% of pet owners reported improvements in a friend or family member’s mental health from pet ownership. The pandemic is tough on everyone and can feel overwhelming at times. A pet can be there to support you and provide an extra dose of comfort!

Not to mention, Bivvy pet insurance can be there for you to reduce any stress related to unexpected accidents or illnesses. If you’re interested in dog insurance or cat insurance, Bivvy will support you regardless of size, age, or breed!

Get Active

Fresh air works wonders! Get outside with your pup and take a nice long walk around your neighborhood. Or, if you feel like picking up jogging, your four-legged friend will happily become your new workout partner! Taking your pup on an adventure to the dog park is pandemic-friendly and you get to see other people (6 ft apart)! Both you and your pet will appreciate the time spent outside and the exercise.

These daily walks will not only help you achieve your activity goals but also improve your health. Some benefits include lower blood pressure and cholesterol, combined with lower risk of heart issues down the line. A study by PetMD found that out of 240 married couples, those with a dog had lower blood pressure and resting heart rates than those who didn’t. Also, children with high blood pressure were able to lower their numbers after petting a furry friend!

Teach Kiddos About Responsibility

Getting a pet is exciting for everyone, whether you’re single, in a relationship, or have your own little family. However, there are added perks of being a parent to both human and fur babies.  Taking care of a pet teaches responsibility and gives confidence. Perhaps you could ask your child to put food in your pet’s bowl at dinnertime, put their pet’s toys away, or even help clean up their pet’s doo-doo.

As we mentioned earlier, your children will be instant best friends with their new furry brother or sister! The bond between them is so sweet and growing up with pets has proven to help your kids develop fewer allergies. Win, win!

The entire COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to be unprecedented. It can be difficult to think about what comes next. With that said, getting a pet might be the perfect next step! Our team at Bivvy will be the first to say that a pet brings happiness to our lives and we couldn’t imagine one without our furry family members.

If you decide to expand your family, keep Bivvy pet insurance in mind for affordable, right-sized coverage. We are simple and transparent, and you can go to any vet! For more details, check out our coverage page:

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