Select the Best Vet for Your Pet



May 4, 2020

You want the best for your pet and having a caring and intelligent vet is an important part of that! Whether you’re looking to mix up your vet or are new to your area, we’ve put together our best tips for choosing a great vet.

Thankfully with Bivvy, you can go to any vet. Our pet health insurance skips the hassle of vet networks. Instead you can go to any licensed vet, anywhere. While we’re available to residents of Arizona, Connecticut,Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia and Wisconsin, you really can go to any vet! Even vets out of your state or country. With Bivvy you have the freedom to choose the vet you feel most comfortable with or who is most convenient in an emergency.


First things first, do your homework and figure out which vets are in your area. It’s best to narrow it down to one or two trusted options: a primary vet and an emergency vet if the former doesn’t have 24/7 emergency access.

Check out local vets’ websites, online reviews and social media pages. Plus, you can see if they’re accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). You’ll want to select a vet who can communicate clearly and has happy pet parents. We also suggest doing a price comparison for basic charges, such as wellness exams, diagnostic testing, etc. No one wants to be surprised when paying for care!

Another hot tip: be sure to leverage your pet-loving friends. They likely have advice on vets they love, or ones to avoid, that will help narrow down your search. Ask for their experiences from check-in to check-out, including friendliness of the staff, communication styles, cleanliness and pricing. All of these factors can add clarity to your search.


Don’t be shy to put a potential vet through their paces with an interview. Make an appointment sans pet to check out perspective offices and staff. It’s okay to be picky – this is your furry friend’s care we’re talking about!

Make mental notes about how you feel during your visit. Even routine vet visits can be stressful, so the more peaceful of an environment you can be in, the better!

Finally, prioritize the questions you want answered during your visit. Ensure you ask about routine care, monitoring during overnight stays, and staff licensing.

Make a Back-Up List!

We hope you narrow down your top vet in no time, but just in case it’s always smart to have a backup list of nearby vets.

When you select your ranked list of vets, we recommend sending yourself an emailed copy for easy access. Plus, be sure to send it to a trusted friend and your pet sitter. Should an emergency happen to you or your pet, you’ll want to ensure your network is informed. Learn more about creating an emergency plan for your pet on our blog.

Above all, be sure to stay flexible with your pet’s care. If you thought you chose the best vet but you’re less than thrilled after a few visits, don’t hesitate to switch again. Before you officially sever ties with your previous vet, ensure you get a copy of your pet’s medical records to share with your next licensed vet.

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