Summer Pet Care


June 2, 2020

With warmer temps ahead of us, we’re sure many pet parents are excited to spend more time outside. If you plan to bring your pet, whether it’s an adventurous cat or energetic dog, it’s important to refresh yourself on your pet’s needs in the summer.

Whether you’re spending time in the southern Georgia sun to the Pacific shores of Oregon, your pet’s needs can shift dramatically with heightened time in the sun and heat. Here are a few pet care tips to keep in mind!

Know the Signs of a Pet in Distress

If your pet is in distress due to heat or dehydration,you’ll want to act quickly. The most important step in assisting your pet is knowing the signs of distress. Heavy panting, excessive drooling and dry gums are all key indicators that your pet needs immediate shade and water. While you likely can find shade quickly if the need arises, H2O you’ll want to plan ahead for. Always pack a water bottle and popup bowl for your furry friend. They’re easy to bring along, and your pet can stay hydrated as needed on rest stops.

We’re sure you’ll keep a close eye on your pet and tend to their needs, but should they be unable to cool down or relax for extended periods of time, always consider calling your vet. They may need added support if they went too long without proper hydration, just like us humans! If your pet does have to take an unexpected trip to the vet, always send your Bivvy pet insurance team your itemized vet receipt.

Now that we got the critical health information out of the way, let’s explore fun and easy ways to enjoy summer with your furry friend!

Staying Cool

There are so many activities to discover with your furry friend, no matter where you live, to keep cool and bask in the sun.

First, explore the bounds of your own backyard! A hose attachment can entertain dogs and cats for hours. Plus, add a sprinkler attachment and it’s fun for the whole family, fur and human family members alike. If your pet likes to chill in the backyard for extended periods of time, consider investing in a small kiddie pool. After you fill it with water, you can leave it out for a few days for your pup to take a dip at their leisure.

Depending on your furry friend’s fur length, consider working with your groomer for a shorter summer trim. Fur is actually meant to cool your cat or dog down, so don’t shave them, but a slightly lighter coat for a heavy-haired pet may be an option. While you’re there, ask your groomer or vet if they have any recommendations for pet-safe sunscreen, as pets can get sunburned too!

Your pet’s paws are delicate, just like our own feet. When the summer sun bakes the concrete or asphalt, it can damage your fur baby’s paws. If you’re in a hot climate with limited grass, consider investing in a pair of summer booties for your pet’s paws. They’re fairly affordable, and even if your pet doesn’t love them, you may get a good laugh!

For your household pets that prefer to stay indoors, make sure there are enough shady nooks for them to relax in. While we all love natural light, your pet in the summer heat will need shade to snooze in too. Consider making one room of your home the “shade room” so your pets always have a cool, dark space to retreat to.

While it likely goes without saying, it’s incredibly important to never leave your pet in a hot car. Even if the temperatures don’t feel that warm to you, in a car with limited air flow it can feel exponentially hotter for your pet. Even a few minutes in a hot car can be excruciating: so stay vigilant and keep your pets safe at all times!

Outdoor Activities

When you’re ready to leave home base for a summertime adventure, consider bringing your pup with you! From walks, to bike rides and trips to a local beach, they’ll love the added time with you outdoors.

To make your trips more pup-friendly, be sure to pack your furry friends a few snacks, water and travel bowls. Plus, a ball and frisbee for good measure!

If you’re a boat owner, or get invited along for a ride, consider purchasing your pet a life vest. While yes, your pet may know how to doggy paddle, it’s still a smart idea to keep them protected should an emergency situation occur. It’ll also bring you peace-of-mind should boat riders take a dip in the lake and your pet decides to join in on the fun.

On your next vet visit, ask your pet’s care provider about pest treatments. Especially for pets who are roaming through tall grasses and forests, you’ll want to ensure they’re not bringing home new tiny friends from the great outdoors! Your vet will likely be able to help you narrow down options for pests native to your part of the country. If you have Bivvy Wellness Care, you can even send your vet bill in for flea and tick prevention!

Finally, while planned outdoor fun is always a ball, always keep your eyes peeled for potential hazards. For example, make sure your pet isn’t getting into food they shouldn’t at a barbecue, getting too close to a campfire, or being spooked by fireworks. Being a caring pet parent takes work and constant vigilance, but we’re sure you’re up for the challenge!

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