Wag Worthy Toys for Your Pup



April 17, 2020

Our pets are a key part of our families. We want them to be happy and healthy! However, we don’t always have unlimited time to shower our pets with attention, walks and belly scratches. Dogs especially love attention and staying engaged in activities.

To help your dogs stay active and mentally stimulated, we rounded up our top dog toys. You’ll find some are great for your pup’s individual play and a few ideas you’ll enjoy together. Plus, these can be found online and at most pet stores.

Solo Play

You likely can’t give your pet 100% of your attention for every minute of every day. A few moments solo though won’t do your pup harm! Independent play will keep your pet active and entertained.

If your pup is a chewer, look no further than gnaw-friendly toys that will last them ages. They range from toys that promote doggy teeth health to toys for the, shall we say, more aggressive chewers in the bunch.

If your dog is a digger, they can take their passions indoors and work through their new burrow toy, such as this one. They’ll be ready to sniff out their old backyard bones or visit with their neighborhood underground creatures in a snap.

For the puppy in your life, get their minds, and stomachs, engaged with the help of a treat puzzle. This wooden option challenges your little pup to uncover their treat. With a little practice, we’re sure they’ll figure out the puzzle in no time.

It Takes Two to Tango

There are so many exciting toys to introduce to your pup that you can enjoy too. Whether it’s your backyard or local dog park, your pup will love to get out their zoomies with you.

The Chuckit! Paraflight Dog Toy is a great option for your frisbee-loving pups. The material holds up better than a traditional plastic frisbee. Plus, you’ll get a nice arm workout with each fling.

Speaking of arm workouts, you’ll put your upper body to work with these tug of war toys. From simple ropes to flexing tug toys with a built-in handle for humans, there are options for pups of all sizes and stamina. When playing tug of war, make sure you’re encouraging healthy play and let your pet win here and there. You don’t want them to become overly aggressive or territorial of their new toy.

While this may be more for your enjoyment than your furry friend’s, we suggest dressing your pup up in costume and taking a lap around your neighborhood. Send a text to your neighbors to look for you as you parade by.You’ll have fun and just think of the joy you’ll bring your neighborhood to see your dog dressed up! Here are some ideas you can buy, though homemade options are a great choice too.

Playing with Your Food

Why not make mealtime play time?! Not only does it help with your pup’s digestion to have to work for each bite, they’ll have fun with it too.

slow feeder bowl is a great option to mix up your pup’s meals. Put your measured dried dog food into the bowl and let them work away. Your pup has to take their time to work through their grub, which is a nice activity for them.

KONG dog toys are a transportable, easy to clean option. They work by stuffing dog treats into the hull of the toy. Your pup will love working hard to get their treat. This is a fun option for treats, but you wouldn’t want to put your pup’s entire meal serving in here.

If your pup is a ball-lover, you can get them a fun treat ball. You hide the treats inside of the ball, and your pup gets to have the fun of working the treats out. Between pushing, flipping, and chewing,your fur baby will have a ball with their new treat ball!

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