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Pet Insurance for Florida Pets

Affordable Pet Insurance for Your Florida Family Pet

We made Bivvy with the purpose of offering affordable and transparent coverage to all pet parents. Check out our Florida pet insurance for your family pet. Signing up takes two minutes or less!

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What Bivvy Covers in Florida

In Florida, we offer coverage to cats and dogs for $14/month. Head over to our coverage page to learn more about exclusions regarding waiting periods and pre-existing conditions for Florida pets.


Consider adding Wellness Care for preventative and routine coverage for only $9/month.

Florida Family Pets Deserve Clear Coverage

Our cats and dogs are part of our family, and they deserve fantastic coverage!


Sign up your Florida family pet today for $14/month coverage. Your pet will have access to $3,500 per policy year for covered care and up to $25,000 throughout their lifetime. There's a $250 annual deductible and a 50% coinsurance added to the covered care as well. Check out coverage details for Florida here.