Protect the ones you love
Unconditional love deserves protection. Bivvy™ is dog insurance done right, at a price you can afford, and with terms and services that are convenient for you to use.
Pet protection that's friendly on your pocketbook
Bivvy has a benefit structure that is easy to understand. We cover most veterinary expenses up to [$1,000] per year with coinsurance of only [25%] and [no deductible]. Learn More
[You pay just $10 per month for any dog, regardless of age, size, gender, or breed.] Plus, your cost won't go up just because you make a claim.
Some insurers require a recent exam before coverage. Not Bivvy. We're dog insurance made easy. Our application process takes less than 5 minutes and approvals are immediate.
A new breed of dog insurance
Bivvy™ is different. It's a first of its kind dog insurance product that's affordable and has eliminated the complicated schedule of benefits offered by many other pet insurance companies.

Bivvy dog insurance will help protect you from the burden of unexpected medical bills so that you can stay focused on helping your pet recover. While the advances in veterinary care are becoming more effective, pet care costs are rising. We hope that all pets stay happy and healthy, but if your furry friend does become sick or injured Bivvy can help pay for the expense. Explore why Bivvy is the best pet insurance solution for you fur family.
My cat is precious and at 13 years old, I wanted to make sure he was protected. Unfortunately, other pet insurance companies charge large monthly premiums with large deductibles for older cats. Bivvy not only kept the same low monthly premium, but the deductible is really reasonable. Glad to know my furry friend is protected!
Lona M.
Augustus Rudolpho is a happy, healthy and spunky doggy. He is my one and only and the thought of anything happening to him (big or small) is devastating. When deciding what pet insurance was right for me, Bivvy pet insurance was the obvious choice. Bivvy is very affordable and takes no time to sign up. I literally signed up Gussy between doggy snuggles. There’s no exam, and all breeds are welcome! I have a peace of mind knowing that Bivvy is there with a little bit of help if I ever need it.
Gwen S.
My rescue pup Frenchie means the world to my husband and I, which is why we protected Frenchie with Bivvy pet insurance! Bivvy’s easy to understand coverage and short online application made signing up a no-brainer. We’re so glad there’s a pet insurance solution that works for our budget and Frenchie’s needs
Beth H.
These are my children. I would go above and beyond to care for them, and with Bivvy I can do just that for less than a dollar a day. Protecting Layla Maloney, Bailey Ray Cyrus, and Nola Liisa with Bivvy is a no-brainer!
Dana O.
Our pups bring us so much love every day. They are more than our pets, they are our family. They bring us so much happiness every day. We want to take care of them as best as we can, so that hopefully, they get to stay with us for many years to come and we continue to have many happy days together, for a very long time!
Amber S.
My animals are my children and they depend on me to keep them healthy at every stage of their lives. Chloe is my oldest at 17 years of age. When I saw Bivvy it was the perfect fit since they don’t age discriminate. When she got sick I was relieved knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about the financial burden. The claims are really easy to file and Bivvy is fast at reviewing them and will respond within a day or two to let you know the status. Checks are mailed right away too which is a huge relief!
Kerry T.
I was relieved there was a pet insurance option out there that someone like me, a recent college grad, could afford. Not long after I signed up for Bivvy, I made my first claim. I was so pleased with how easy it was to file a claim and how quickly the claim was processed. All I had to do was send Bivvy a photo of my receipt from our visit and I was finished. Within a day of filing my claim, I received a message saying it was accepted, and my reimbursement was on its way.
Katie Q.
We never considered ourselves cat people until Bob came along. Bob came to us unexpectedly with an amazing life story. Recognizing all he went through, we wanted to give Bob a forever home where he could feel loved and protected. When we came across Bivvy, it was a clear and simple way we could continue to provide the secure environment that Bob so desperately sought. We tell Bob every day that he is loved and now fully protected…. and he smiles like the Cheshire cat that he is.
Teresa M.
I never would have considered myself a “dog person” before I met Georgie. He was part of my husband’s family before I was and now the three of us are a family. I never knew the amount of love, joy, snuggles and friendship a little furry friend could bring. We would be lost if anything happened to him.
Jennifer Z.
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