Nevada Pet Insurance

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Affordable Pet Insurance in Nevada

Looking for the Best Pet Insurance in Nevada?

Check out our affordable and transparent coverage for your family pets! Our friendly team at Bivvy makes it easy to sign up and manage your pet's coverage.


We've highlighted Bivvy pet parents on our review page or navigate to our Google review page to hear from other pet parents like you.

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What Bivvy Covers in Nevada

For only $15/month, Bivvy pet insurance will help cover your pet against unexpected accidents and illnesses! Check out our coverage page to learn about our exclusions, including our waiting periods and pre-existing condition clause.


Be sure to add preventative and routine coverage with Bivvy Wellness Care for $9/month!

Peace-of-Mind Coverage in Nevada

We're proud to offer affordable pet health insurance to our Nevada pet parents! We offer up affordable cat and dog insurance that's easy to use, plus you can take your pet to the vet of your choice.

Once you submit your claim online, we'll review it within a few business days. For covered claims, we'll apply your $100 deductible and 50% coinsurance. Then, we'll reimburse you up to $2,000 each policy year until you reach your lifetime maximum.