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Help! My Pet Ate Something Bad



September 12, 2020

Did your pet get into the trash and eat something that they shouldn’t have ate? There are many foods (and non-foods) that your pet could consume to make them sick.  Sometimes this may just cause a simple upset stomach, but some reactions can cause major issues and even be life-threatening. The quicker you act on getting your pet the care they need, the fewer side effects that your pet will have.

Uh oh, the brownies are gone! What do I do?

If your pet ate something that they shouldn’t have, it is best to see your vet. Your vet can induce vomiting and make your pet vomit part, if not all, of what they ate back up. If they ate something toxic, they might give them activated charcoal. Activated charcoal will bind to the toxin to help prevent their body from absorbing any of the toxic material. 

Depending on what your pet ate, they may need to spend a few days in the hospital on IV fluids and being monitored. This will help your veterinarian quickly treat any issues your pet may incur due to what they ate.

How much will vet care cost?

This type of vet care can become very expensive. If your dog has mild GI symptoms, they may not need to see a vet at all. However, if your furry friend ate something truly bad, they may end up staying a few days in the hospital and possibly even need surgery to remove what they ate. 

This can become very expensive and may even cost a few thousand dollars. If your pet ends up having issues after hours or on the weekend, this care can increase more due to needing the help of an emergency vet. For all of these sudden costs, you may want to consider having Bivvy’s affordable pet insurance.

How do I best manage my pet’s care costs?

While no one wants to have to encounter these unexpected costs, there are many ways that you can be prepared for an unexpected pet medical bill. Options can be paired together, such as having pet insurance in addition to a savings account.


Affordable Pet Insurance 

Pet insurance is one of the best ways to help prepare for and pay for any unexpected pet medical bills. While there are many different pet insurance companies, our Bivvy pet health insurance is one of the best that there is when it comes to paying for pet emergencies. Our simple and transparent coverage avoids surprises at claim time. Plus, we’re affordable at less than a dollar per day!


Pet Savings Account

If you have a pet, you need to be expecting to one day have an emergency where you may have a large vet bill. While we fully support small-dollar savings, it’s not always the best financial move when covering your pet’s care. It’s hard to save up enough to cover a big bill, and with one emergency years of saving can be wiped out. We did a comparison of life with pet insurance and life with only a pet savings account, and the results were telling. Check it out on our blog for yourself!


Vet Clinic Payment Plans

Many pet emergencies happen at night, and you may have to take them to a new emergency clinic to be seen. Be sure to ask upfront what payment plans, if any, are available. You may decide to take your pet to another vet should there not be a payment option for your needs. Thankfully, with Bivvy pet insurance you can go to any licensed vet, even an emergency vet outside of your area! We process your claim within about two business days so you have your reimbursement as quickly as possible.

By being prepared to pay for these unexpected visits now, you can help decrease some of the stress that comes with a pet’s emergency care needs.

How do I prevent this from happening?

There are many ways you can help keep your pet from eating things that they shouldn’t. If they are often sniffing the trash bin, try getting a trash can with a tight lid or keeping the trash can in a closet or cabinet out of reach of your dog or cat. If your pet accidentally got into some of your medication or is fixated on eating a certain item, try keeping it out of reach of your furry friend. 

If there are any toxic plants in your yard or home, get rid of them ASAP! Adventuring pets may get in to more than you’d expect, so keep a close eye on them, especially in new environments.

Many times, furry friends eating something they shouldn’t are accidents. Pets will find explore the world with their mouths, so stay vigilant even with more mature cats and dogs!


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