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Pet Insurance for Wyoming Pets

A Simple and Affordable Insurance for Wyoming Pets

We created Bivvy as an affordable and transparent option for pet parents to cover their family pets. We believe our pets deserve the best without straining one's wallet. Learn more about our coverage options in Wyoming today!


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What Bivvy Covers in Wyoming

In Wyoming, we offer coverage to family pets for $14/month. This plan includes any future, unexpected accidents or illnesses. Head over to our coverage page to learn more about exclusions regarding waiting periods and pre-existing conditions.


We recommend considering Wellness Care for preventative and routine coverage for only $9/month.

Family Pets Deserve the Best

Our desire to offer affordable and transparent pet insurance is available to Wyoming family pets.


Sign up your pet today for $14/month coverage. Your pet will have access to $3,500 per policy year for covered care and up to $25,000 throughout their lifetime. There's a $250 annual deductible and a 50% coinsurance added to the covered care as well. Click over to our coverage details for Wyoming here.