Adopt a Cat Month



June 1, 2021

National Adopt a Cat Month is upon us! This month reminds us to think of our feline friends when considering pet adoption. Kitten season tends to peak in the summer months, which is when we see an increase in feline breeding. In turn, animal shelters tend to see an influx of cats who are in need of loving homes. Read on to learn how you can support our furry feline friends this month!

Give a Furry Friend a Furever Home

Ready to bring in a furry friend into your life? Cats are the perfect addition. When adopting a cat, not only are you providing a pet with a loving and nurturing environment, but you’re also gaining a loyal friend. Adopting a pet also allows for more room in shelters, giving other pets in need a space.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when adopting your new furry family member:

Should you get a kitten or an adult cat?

Kittens are cute. There is no denying that. Choosing a kitten allows you to form a bond from the beginning of their lives that will only strengthen throughout the years. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that kittens require a lot of attention for the first few weeks. Kittens also tend to have more energy and can be more curious than older cats, requiring more supervision, training, and attention. They also are more prone to biting, scratching, chasing, and wrestling when they are young.

While many are quick to choose the kittens right away, the older cats have a whole lot of love to give. Older cats can be perfect for those who long to have a feline friend, but don’t have as much time to give. These older cats may already be trained, saving you some time and energy. Mature cats also tend to have their personalities and temperaments set in stone, so you know exactly what you’re getting into when adopting your new furry family member. While you don’t get to start the bond with your new furry family member at the beginning of their lives, you can still form a lasting, unbreakable bond.

Whether you adopt a young or old feline friend, make sure to keep them healthy with pet insurance! Bivvy provides both cat insurance and dog insurance, helping to make sure your pets’ health stays in tip-top shape. Show your new pet some love by providing them with excellent healthcare!

Evaluate your environment and lifestyle

Just like us, cats have all different types of personalities and finding a cat that matches your personality type will only strengthen your relationship with your furry feline friend. Some may be calm and cuddly; others may be energetic and sociable. Your cat may have its own unique set of needs. Some cats are very low maintenance and require less attention, perfect for those who live a face-paced lifestyle. Other cats may require more love and attention, ideal for those who have more time on their hands to share with their new pet.

Keep in mind the type of cat that will work best for you in order for both you and your newest furry family member to get the most out of your experience together.

Be mindful of your other furry family members

While it’s important that you find a cat that matches your lifestyle and personality, it’s also important that your newest furry family member fits in with other pets you may already have. If you already have a cat, be prepared to do a gradual introduction so that the two can become accustomed to each other and socialize. If you have a dog at home, try to choose a cat from the shelter who has been around dogs before and has had positive experiences. It’s ideal that all your furry family members get along so that you and your pets can all enjoy your home environment together.

For more tips on adoption, check out

Donate to local or national shelters

There are various shelters, both local and national, that accept donations to support the cause. Lack of funding and supplies at many shelters also causes our feline friends to suffer. More than ever, they need your help. Your donations don’t have to be monetary, as many shelters would love to receive food, toys, collars, cleaning supplies, and more!

Here are some adoption centers that would love your support:


Spread Awareness

Spread the word! Whether it’s through word of mouth, text, or social media, try to get the message out as best you can. Overcrowding in animal shelters is a growing problem that we can work together to put an end to. By spreading the word, you could help a friend or family member find their newest addition to their family. Inform anyone and everyone you know of this overpopulation crisis and how their actions can help solve the problem!