Adopt a Dog Month



September 29, 2021

Hot diggity it’s Adopt a Dog Month! More and more pups are being put in shelters leading to overcrowding and lack of supplies. With the limited amount of resources most shelters have, lots of pups are suffering. Good news, you can help with this problem! Celebrate our adorable furry friends by making one a permanent addition to your family. Read on to learn more on why adopting a shelter dog is the way to go!  

You’re saving a life.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of overcrowding in shelters and many of the dogs do not get adopted. Because of this, many animals in these shelters are euthanized. When you decide to adopt a furry friend not only are you saving the pup’s life that you’re bringing home but you’re also freeing up space in the shelter so another lucky canine can be adopted!  

You’ll save money.

Adopting a pup rather than buying is a better option economically as well! Getting a dog from a puppy mill or pet store tends to be more expensive because you are likely buying a pure-bred dog. When you decide to adopt, not only do you save money on receiving your canine, but the cost of vaccinations and spay/neuter procedures are often included in the adoption price.

You aren’t supporting puppy mills.

There are many downsides to getting a pup from a puppy mill. These mills are commercial breeding facilities that mass produce dogs to sell directly to consumers or to pet stores. The animals in these mills are not treated properly, as they are often confined in overcrowded cages and are not properly nourished. Not only do the puppies at these mills get mistreated, but the adult animals are as well. The adult dogs are often in similarly inadequate conditions and are often bred until they can no longer produce and are then abandoned or killed. Unfortunately, these puppies from the mill often have a variety of health issues because of their living conditions.

You can pick a pup at any age.

Adopting allows you to find the perfect dog for your lifestyle. We at Bivvy know that adopting a new pup can be a huge undertaking, which is why it’s great that you can pick dogs of any age at pet shelters! Adopting an older dog might be easier if you live a more hectic lifestyle and don’t worry, older doggos still have a whole lot of love to give. Those with more time on their hands might choose a younger pup that may require more attention and training. Not only can you choose the age of your new pup, but you also have other choices such as activity level, size, and breed! With the variety of pups that are at the shelter, you are sure to find the perfect dog for you!  

You’ll get a furever friend!

The absolute best part about adopting is bringing home your forever friend. Animal shelters and rescue groups have so many great pups to offer that can’t wait to be taken home! It’s more than likely that the lucky doggo that you bring home will give you unconditional love for the rest of their life.  

Check out these tips for what to do after you’ve adopted a pet:

If adopting a new dog isn’t for you, you can still support canines by donating to shelters! Here are a few shelters that would love your help:


Don’t forget to purchase dog insurance when you bring your new pup home from the pound! Bivvy can provide your new furry family member with affordable pet insurance, so that your new pup is protected against accidents and illnesses. And remember, adopt don’t shop!