Adopt a Senior Pet Month



November 1, 2021

Hooray, it’s Adopt a Senior Pet Month! Because many people tend to gravitate towards adopting a new puppy or kitten when they go to an adoption shelter, senior pets tend to get overlooked. While puppies and kittens are definitely cute, our older four-legged friends need forever homes too. These senior pets usually spend the longest amount of time at the shelter before (and if) they get adopted. Older furry friends are just as cute and loving, which is why you should consider making one a family member!

Here’s are the top 5 reasons why adopting a senior pet is pawsome!

Easy to handle.

Adopting a senior pup or feline can be easier to handle because they’ve often already lived in a household already. If they have lived in a household already, it is also likely that they are already trained. This means that you likely won’t have to spend time potty training your new furry family member! These senior pets might also have some other tricks up their sleeve suck as “sit” or “stay”. But not to worry, you can still teach an old pet new tricks! If you need to teach your new pet new tricks, they’ll generally pick up on them faster than younger pets do. These older furry friends are also eager to please their new owners. While senior pets are typically easier to handle, older dogs may need some specialized care as they age.

Check out this link to learn how to care for your aging pup!

What you see is what you get.

Senior pets are fully grown, so you’ll be fully aware of what their physical characteristics are and the needs that come with them. You’ll also be able to gauge their personality, which will allow you to find a furry friend that matches your personality and lifestyle! These pets also tend to be easier going than their younger counterparts. Puppies and kittens are constantly growing and changing, leading to new behaviors and changes in their personality. They require more time and energy because of all of the growth and change they’re undergoing, making them a bit more work than our senior pets.

You get a best friend.

Older furry friends are just as loyal and loving as younger pets.  They often make for the most grateful adoptees and will likely show you their thanks through their love. Senior pets tend to be more laid back, making the perfect companion for those who are more laid-back and easier going. Keep in mind that this friendship doesn’t necessarily have to be short lived. Dogs can live up to 15 years depending on the breed, so you can still have a long-lasting, rewarding and loving friendship with your new furry family member. Getting pet insurance for your senior furry friend is a great idea to make sure that they stay protected in case an accident or illness were to happen.

You could be saving a life.

Older dogs and cats in shelters run the risk of being euthanized because of their increased risk of infectious diseases. When adopting a senior pet, not only are you saving their life, but you also are making room in the shelter for another furry friend that needs it! Overcrowding at animal shelters is an ongoing issue that you can help fight through bringing home a lucky fur friend or even donating to adoption organizations.

Here are some resources that will help you find your new senior pet!


These older furry friends still have a lot of love to give, so don’t count that out when you’re adopting a new pet! Remember to always insure your new furry family members with Bivvy, no matter their age. While we don’t cover pre-existing conditions, we still offer coverage to pets regardless of their medical history, so your senior pets can still receive affordable pet insurance.