We've Partnered With AskVet!



May 17, 2021

As a company founded by caring pet parents, we recognize that pet care doesn’t stop and start at the vet. That’s why we’ve partnered with AskVet, a robust pet parent app, to provide our network of pet parents a two-month free AskVet membership when they use code BIVVY2022 at sign up!

Did you know that 70% of pet care can be done at home? AskVet provides pet parents support from the comfort of their own home. From 24/7 messaging capabilities with licensed vets and pet wellness coaches, to prescription club access, a $1,000 Rainy Day Fund and more, AskVet offers a wide variety of benefits to fur families.

While insurance is a smart strategy to protect your pet against the unexpected, you don’t need to have Bivvy insurance to take advantage of our AskVet discount code. Layer AskVet and Bivvy pet insurance if desired or choose the right fit for your family’s needs.

At your leisure, you also can virtually chat with pet wellness coaches and licensed vets! You can ask these pet experts anything, from pet exercise routines for your pet’s needs to getting vet help in an emergency.

Should your pet have a pet health emergency, you’ll have access to AskVet’s Rainy Day Fund! AskVet contributes monthly to your individualized Rainy Day Fund with each month of membership, until your fund reaches $1,000 after 24 months. If you think your pet may need emergency attention, you’d send AskVet’s team of vets a message, get advice on what to do next, and then have access to your AskVet Rainy Day Fund for qualifying emergencies.

In addition to emergency care support, your AskVet membership grants you access to Pet Care RX. This discount club has an annual value of $99+ and connects you with discounted pet prescriptions.

To learn more about AskVet and their team, visit their website directly. To sign up for AskVet, download their app in your App Store and use code BIVVY2022 for free two months of membership!