DIY Pet Toys and Treats



May 12, 2021

Calling all pet parents, no matter your crafting abilities! We’re sharing our best “do it yourself” projects. New chew toys don’t need to cost a fortune and making homemade treats is fun. See for yourself!


Pets will love their DIY toys just as much, if not more, than their store-bought toys. It can be as simple as a tennis ball in a sock! If you’d like to play tug-of-war with your pup, try braiding together felt strips or cut up an old t-shirt into strips. Or if you’re willing, sew up your pet’s favorite toy that they may have torn a hole in.

For all the kitties, dig through an old ribbon bin and pick out a few pieces to tie together. You can even attach them to a stick to create a handle for when you’re when playing with them.


Enjoy baking? This one’s for you! Keep your furry friends happy and healthy with homemade delights. Dogs love peanut butter, pumpkin, and some types of fruit too. Check out these Taste of Home recipes for a great selection!

Cats on the other hand appreciate tuna, salmon, and eggs. All our feline friends can click here for ten top cat treat recipes.


No matter your sewing talents, we encourage you to create a bandana scarf for your pet. If sewing is not one of your talents, no worries! Pick up hem tape up during your trip to the fabric store. Start by choosing fabric with your favorite sports team, a cute pattern, or even a solid color. Once home, cut your fabric to your desired bandana square and either sew the edges or tape them to prevent fraying. For bigger dogs, we recommend a square side length of 22 inches whereas smaller-necked pets may scale down to 15 inches.

Cat Stand

Interested in giving your kitty a stand, dare we say castle, to hang out on? It might be easier than you think, depending on how elaborate you’d like it to be. We suggest making the most out of a few plywood platforms, PVC pipes, and maybe even a cat hammock. While grabbing materials, find carpet squares and thick twine to wrap around the stand. Click here for a few designs to get you started!


For those feeling extra ambitious and who have a little time on their hands, go all in and build a doghouse! We suggest browsing Pinterest or the internet to find the right size and style to best suit your pup. Recruit a friend, partner, or even your kids and take a trip to your nearest home improvement store to get all of your essentials!

We hope one or two of these ideas inspired you to get crafty with your fur family in mind. Should you choose to tackle any of these projects, we would love to see them and hope you tag us on social media!

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