Find the Perfect Dog Breed for Your Lifestyle



August 2, 2021

We all have our preferences when it comes to dogs—perhaps a look, a breed, a size that we’ve always felt drawn to. But a better way to set you and your new fur-friend up for lifelong success, is to consider the breed and temperament that’s best for your living space and season of life. Looking for the best dogs for small children, senior citizens, city-dwellers, first-time dog owners, or multi-pet homes? We’ve got you covered!

Best Dog Breeds for Families with Small Children

Size really doesn’t matter here so much as temperament. So, there are both big and small dogs that’ll be good choices for you if you’re a parent looking to add a fur-kid to your pack of small humans. Here are some safe bets:

These are all quite friendly, patient, and trainable.

Best Dog Breeds for the Young at Heart

Your golden years are a great time at which to own a dog. Dogs keep you active and lower stress, plus caring for a little creature can give great purpose and fulfillment to this time in life. Considering your lifestyle is the best way to pick the dog breed that’s right for you. Keep in mind that big dogs generally need more exercise, they can knock furniture (or even you!) over, and they have bigger appetites so you may need to spend more on food. They’re also at elevated risk of expensive health problems like hip dysplasia. But there are certainly some gentle big dogs like the Newfoundland and the Saint Bernard.

On the other hand, smaller dogs are easier to handle, but they can be bigger barkers. And think carefully about the age of dog you go after too. If you have a good bit of pep in your step and are looking for a project to pour yourself into, you could get a puppy that you’ll train. But if you’re looking more for easy companionship, look for an older, calmer dog that’s already trained.

Traits that you’ll want to look for are loyalty, and perhaps a calm, laid-back nature. Here are some breeds that are generally good for this time of life:


Best Dog Breeds for City Dwellers

Living in a cramped, crowded city without a yard, or much space for a free-range pup period? Have no fear! There are plenty of micro-pups that you can tote about the city with you, and who don’t need much space to stretch their little legs.

Here are some breeds that can get on just fine in small living spaces in a crowded city:

And while you’re budgeting for city life with a pup, tack on Bivvy pet insurance at less than $1/day, to keep yourself protected in case of emergency.

Best Dog Breeds for First-Time Dog Owners

If this is your first foray into dog ownership, you’ll probably want to look for breeds with traits like loyalty, trainability, smarts, and a cheerful disposition. Here are some that fit the profile:

And as you shop for all the essentials you’ll need as a first-time dog parent, don’t forget dog insurance! Veterinary technology is advancing, but with that comes soaring costs. Pencil in just a spare $1/day for Bivvy, which has eliminated the complications of other pet insurances, and can help cover the expense if your new best friend gets sick or injured.

Best Dog Breeds for Multi-Pet Homes

First, a note about gender: According to the experts, the highest percentage of in-house fights happen between two female dogs. Male dogs tend to be more accommodating, so keep this in mind if you already have one dog and are looking to add another.

If you have cats, on the other hand, and are looking for breeds that are more likely to get along with them than some other breeds, choose from this list:

Whatever your situation, your perfect dog breed is out there! So do your research, stay open-minded, and have fun on your journey to finding your new best friend.