Giving Back to the Pet Community



October 29, 2019

Our furry friends bring us so much joy. From warm greetings when we walk through the door to protecting us from the occasional neighborhood squirrel, pets are more than just a mood-booster but part of our families. Give thanks for your furry friend this season by bringing extra joy to their lives and to other animals in your community. We’ve pulled together our top ideas on how you can celebrate the season with furry friends in mind.

Pamper Your Pet

No, we’re not suggesting you need to whisk your dog off on a weekend spa retreat. Instead there are many low-cost options to make your pet feel extra special. From taking a longer walk to a half hour of dedicated belly rubs, these simple acts will mean the most to your whiskered friend. For a complete list of pampering tips, check out our previously published blog post.

Donate Your Time

While your furry friend gets a lot of attention at home,many animals aren’t as lucky. Did you know there are 6-8 million cats and dogs entering shelters each year? If you have the time to spare, stop by your local animal shelter and see how you can lend a hand. Giving these sheltered pets the added attention they deserve will help them become even more compatible with their forever homes down the line.

As a step beyond volunteering your time, consider fostering a pup you connect with until they’re adopted. Most shelter and foster programs will even let you foster on the weekends or on a schedule that works for you. Supporting these pets in need expand their social skills and grow comfortable in a home-setting will help their chances of being adopted. Plus, if you connect with a great fur baby you can always spread the word about them in your personal network or be a contact for prospective adoptive parents.

If you only have a random afternoon here and there to give to your community, consider popping by the nearby dog-friendly parks and cleaning up litter. We’re sure your fellow pet-parents will appreciate a cleaner space to let their pups run free.

Give What You Can

Unsure if you can dedicate time to volunteering or fostering? Giving funds may be the solution for you. Whether you’re interested in a certain shelter or cause, we’re sure a donation of any size would be appreciated.

Other ways to give back would be to donate pet food and toys to a local shelter, support a friend who is fostering a pet by giving them sometime off, or even sponsoring training sessions in your community to those who recently adopted a young pup. Put some thought in to what areas you feel most passionate about when it comes to pet care and make a difference however you can.

Have other ideas on how to give back to your furry friend and pet community? Share them with us on social media and we’ll add them to our list!

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