Make the Most Out of Your Bivvy Policy



March 12, 2021

Whether you just signed up or have had your Bivvy policies for years, we want to make sure all pet parents are taking advantage of everything Bivvy has to offer.

1. Manage all your pets under one parent account.

When signing up your first pet, simply click on the “Add Another Pet” button to add a second furry family member. Follow the prompts and fill in your second pet’s information. Repeat these steps for each cat and dog you’d like to cover. If you already have a policy and want to add another pet at a later time, simply log in to your pet parent portal and select the “Add New Pet” button for each additional dog or cat you’d like to protect. You’ll be able to access all of your pets’ policies from your original pet parent portal.

2. Add Bivvy to your email address book so you never miss a message.

Let’s stay in touch! Our Bivvy team will notify you of upcoming payments, successful payments, and more helpful reminders. To add us to your address book, open an email from Bivvy, click the “From” address, then select “Add to Contacts.”

3. Add a backup payment method.

To ensure your pet's coverage won't cancel due to a missed payment, you can add a backup payment method within your pet parent account! Should your primary payment method fail, we'll continue to try to make your payment with your backup payment method. It's easy to add and you'll have greater peace-of-mind knowing your payment will be made. To do so, simply log in to your pet parent account and visit the “Billing” tab to add a new payment.

4. Switch to AutoPay for simple, recurring payments.

AutoPay is a convenient option for premium payments to be made automatically each billing cycle. If you’re not already set to AutoPay, log in to your pet parent account and select “Turn on AutoPay” under Payments. It’s as easy as that!

5. Choose the payment date that works best for you!

You can choose your recurring payment date when on AutoPay. For example, you may choose to set your payment date to the 15th of every month because that's when you receive your paycheck. To set your date, log in to your pet parent account and click the blue Choose Payment Date button.

6. Visit our blog for helpful pet tips, from pet care to vet advice and more.

Read up on our best tips and tricks for caring for your pet. Everything from expanding your fur family to pet health tips is shared on our site. Check it out:

Bivvy is proud to offer affordable, right-sized coverage that is easy to manage. We want all our pet parents to get the most out of their Bivvy policies which is why we are constantly improving and adding enhancements. Be on the lookout as we continue to unveil our latest features!