People Food and Pets—the Dos and Don’ts



April 15, 2021

The pet food scene is changing. Raw diets, and foods that incorporate ingredients that look like what we eat are soaring in popularity. Bivvy pet parents, after all, want to treat their pets like their children and enrich and enhance their lives in any way possible. The pros and cons of raw feeding are a story for another day, but here we’ll offer a primer on the “people foods” that are healthy additives to your pet’s diet, and which you absolutely must stay away from.

The Dos

If you feed your dog or cat a wet, pouched or canned food, you may see peas in there, and see them with flavor names that include pumpkin and sweet potato. Those three people foods are all safe for both dogs and cats. Turkey is a safe bet for both too—cooked, and plain, that is. None of that honey baked glaze or rich, savory gravy. Here are a few highlights:


Here are some more people foods that are generally harmless for pets:


The Don’ts

One might think people foods that are “healthy” and “clean” are therefore okay for our furry friends. Nope! It just doesn’t work that way. Certain vegetables, fruits, and plants are some of the worst things for our pets. So do your research before assuming that the additive-free, non-processed paleo diet you’re on will be okay to give your pet table scraps of. Here are some things to take note of:

Here are some people foods you’ll definitely want to steer your pet clear of:

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