Pet Safety Tips: Fall and Winter Hazards to Watch Out For


September 13, 2019

While winter brings cozy nights and snow covered hills, it also has a new wave of safety hazards for your furry friends. Keep your pets safe this fall by brushing up on a few seasonal safety tips:

Don’t keep your pet outside for too long.
Despite not being winter quite yet, lower temperatures for pets specifically younger dogs, senior pets and smaller animals can take a toll more quickly than one would expect.

Check your car and home for antifreeze.
Cats and dogs are often attracted to the sweet smell of antifreeze, but it’s lethal when ingested. Keep your pets safe by ensuring your car doesn’t leak fluids and that your extra bottles are stored securely in your home or garage. If you think your pet may have ingested something, take your pet to the vet. You'll be glad you did, and you'll be relieved you had pet health insurance to ease the surprise expense. Affordable pet insurance is hard to come by, but Bivvy 's pet insurance cost is low enough to make the decision to cover your furry friend a no-brainer.

Do routine tick checks.
Be sure to check your pet’s fur, especially after prolonged time outdoors and in tall grasses especially if you live in a warmer climate.

Skip your trip to the groomers.
Now is the time to let your pet’s fur grow to keep them nice and toasty in the colder months.

Be aware of guests.
With less time hosting guests outdoors, and more time spent in family common rooms, if you have a pet who is wary of new visitors, consider warning your guests ahead of time or creating a pet-friendly space for your furry friend in a quieter end of your home.

Keep an eye on your holiday treats.
With more food out than normal for guests to graze on, it’s important to make sure your pets aren’t getting into any dishes with known hazards, like chocolate, doughs, cooked bones and more.

Avoid dangerous decorations
While sparkly decorations add a certain level of flair to the winter season, be cautious of having them in reach of your pets. Animals are attracted to shiny objects and may think they’re a toy, which can become bad quickly if their new chew toy contains toxic metals or can become a choking hazard.

For added protection both for your pet and your wallet, consider Bivvy pet insurance for the unexpected illness or accident. We’ll help cover your pet's health costs and provide you with peace-of-mind for your furry friend.