Summer Fun for Your Fur Family



July 7, 2021

With the warm weather in the air it’s the perfect time for you to spend some quality time with your furry family member! Summer is full of sunshine and smiles and is a great time to get active and take part in fun activities that the winter weather doesn’t typically let us engage in.

Here are some fun activities to take part in this summer:


Take your pet on an adventurous hike this summer! Hiking with your furry friend not only provides them with exercise and health benefits, but you as well. It’s a win-win! There are hiking trails across the United States, so this is an activity that almost everyone can take part in no matter where you live.

Here are some great hiking spots across the US to take your furry friend:


While hiking can be a great time and an incredible bonding experience for you and your furry friend, it can also be dangerous at times. Depending on the trail, there can be some hazards, which is why you should make sure your furry friend has Bivvy pet insurance so you can prepare for the unexpected!


Camping with your pet is a great way to spend some quality time with your furry friend and get to enjoy the great outdoors. While camping you can partake in outdoor games, hiking, and more. Camping is also a great activity to do with other friends, both furry and human!

Here are some great camping spots across the US to take your furry friend:


Camping can be a fun time, but make sure you come prepared! Camping without the right supplies and preparation can be dangerous to both you and your pet. Be sure to pack enough clean water and food for your fur baby in addition making time for shade.

Dog-Friendly Beaches

A day at the beach and some fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered for you and your furry family member! Beaches are a great way for you and your pup to escape the summer heat. Most dogs love the beach, especially when given the freedom to run free. Beaches are a great place to get a swim in and play some outdoor games with your pet.

Here are some great dog-friendly beaches across the US to take your furry friend:


Swimming is great exercise and a great time, but check out these water safety tips to make sure your pup stays safe during your beach trip!

Outdoor Pet Playdates

Summer is the perfect time for you and your pets to spend some time with friends! This is an activity both pups and outdoor cats can partake in! Meet at the park and play some games, or simply relax in the grass. Either way, you and your furry family member are sure to enjoy the quality time spent with friends.

Outdoor Games

A simple walk in the park can get old sometimes, so why not play some games? There are plenty of fun outdoor games that you and your furry family member can engage in. Not only are these games a fun time, but they also allow you and your pet to stay active!

Here are some fun games to play with your furry friend:


While it’s great to take advantage of the various outdoor activities available in the summer, it’s important to stay safe. Bivvy offers affordable pet health insurance so that you can have peace-of-mind regarding your pet’s health. We at Bivvy hope that you and your furry family members have a fun and safe summer!