How to Make the Most of Your Dog Days of Summer



July 14, 2022

Happy summer, pet parents! Right now is arguably the most wonderful time of the year, if you have a dog. Adventures beckon and abound. Here are some ideas for activities this summer that’ll have both your tails wagging and your memory banks and camera roll filled up.

Make a Refreshing Treat

Is there anything better than a tasty frozen treat on a hot day? We think not, and why not introduce your dog to the phenomenon? You can freeze a Kong stuffed with peanut butter, wet dog food, or mashed banana.

You can also get a little something at the ice cream parlor! More and more places are adding dog-friendly refreshments to the menu. But if you don’t see anything explicitly dog-friendly, you can request a small scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, just no chocolate or toppings! 

Go for a Swim

See if any pools in your area have dog days, where pups can join their people in the pool, or have it all to themselves. Some pools will do this at the very end of the summer, before they deep-clean and close for the season. Or head to the beach! Or on a boating adventure! But before you go, check out our post here loaded with tips for pet water safety.

Take up Pet Photography

Take a photo with your dog every day this summer. Print them out as Polaroids and make a fun photo wall as the summer goes along, or wait until summer’s behind you and turn all your photos into an Instagram reel or one of those one-second-a-day slideshows, looking back at all the adventuring you did together over your sweet summer days.

Whatever you do with the photos, you’ll be glad you have them to treasure when your dog’s no longer around. Imagine looking back with sweet nostalgia at all the photos of you and your pup over *that summer.* When taking the photos, just avoid the harsh shadows of midday—that’s also a good excuse to not take your pup out during the hottest times of the day. Mornings and evenings are where it’s at!

Or you could call in a pro! Professional pet photography as a niche is very much a thing these days. Use Instagram or Yelp to find someone in your area to shoot a session with the two of you.

Try an Orchard Adventure

Some of those pick-your-own orchards will allow dogs. As do some vineyards and breweries!

Root Root Root for the Home Team

More and more Major League Baseball teams, and other sports leagues for that matter, are hosting “Bark at the Park” nights, where you can bring your dog along with you as long as they’re not aggressive. Photo ops and fun pup-friendly promos abound on these special summer nights at the ballpark, so check to see if any sports leagues in your area have got one scheduled in the next couple of months.

Hit the Spa

If your dog would enjoy it, schedule them an all-inclusive session at the groomers’, or look up things you can safely DIY at home. This can include a stylish summer cut or ‘do, but also some tooth and nail work. Your pup will feel like a whole new dog! 

Find a Local Dog Bakery

These too are becoming more of a thing—check Instagram or Yelp to see if you can find a dog bakery within a couple hours from you and make a day trip out of it! You can also look at local farmers’ markets, pop-up festivals, or food truck shindigs as places where dog bakeries might be vendors.

Speaking of Farmers Markets…

Check one out with your pup! Now, some will have signs that say no pets allowed. But if you find one that does happen to be fur baby-friendly, farmers markets are a treasure trove of sensory enrichment, and you’re likely to run across a vendor or two that sells things for dogs.

See an Outdoor Movie

Look for a drive-in movie theater in your area, where you might be able to have your dog in your car, truck tailgate, or walking around with you. Or see if throughout the summer, your city or local library are hosting movie nights or live music, where you can bring the whole family, a blanket, and a picnic dinner, and even a frisbee or other dog toys to keep your pup occupied and make a night of it.   

Head to Your Local State Park

Go for a campout, a hike, or a bike ride in the great outdoors! Just double check before you go to see if your local state park is dog-friendly.

Fire Up the Grill

Have a barbecue, and invite over some human and dog friends! You can give the pups in attendance some of the grilled fare, just nothing seasoned or super fatty. Grilled chicken and hot dogs are great for the fur-kids!

And if You’re Looking for Even More Ideas…

Go to a pet expo! Go stargazing! Treat yourself and your pup to a night away at a dog-friendly hotel. Or a date night at a restaurant with a dog-friendly patio. Find a doga (yes, that’s dogs + yoga) class!

Be Wise With Your Workouts

If your summer dog activities will include physical exertion, just make sure the activity planned matches your dog’s activity level. If your dog’s only used to short walks, a warm-weather hike that goes on for miles and miles isn’t a good idea. Build up their stamina.

And remember to keep dog insurance on hand for this season’s activities with your dog! If any adventure turns into a misadventure, Bivvy pet health insurance may give you peace of mind by relieving some of the financial burden. So your resources stay where they belong—in your wallet, for you to use on even more summer adventures with your dog. You and your best fur bud deserve the best pet insurance—check out Bivvy and happy summer adventuring!