Traveling with Your Pet | Top Tips



December 18, 2019

Whether your next travel destination is for work, play or somewhere in between, you may consider bringing your furry friend along for the ride. Having a travel companion, especially one of the cat or dog variety, can have its levels of intricacy. Let’s unpack what you need to know before you pack for your trip (see what we did there), so you’re prepared for your journey ahead!

What to Pack

Depending on the length of your journey and your destination, you may choose to pack more or less for your furry friend. For example, if you’re flying to another U.S. state, you could always pick up pet food and a toy or two at your destination and skip lugging food and soggy toys. However, if you’re driving two hours for a long weekend, you’ll likely have room in your car for your pet’s necessities. Additionally, consider packing or buying extra treats for the journey. You may want to spoil your pet or reassure them when they’re in a new place.

Be sure to also pack your pet’s medical history paperwork that list their shots, allergies, etc. You’ll also need a health certificate for your furry friend if you’re traveling by plane. Plus, both copies may come in handy if you’re at a new dog park and you need to show your pup’s up to date. If an unexpected medical emergency were to occur, you’d also want your pet’s information handy for the local vet. Remember: with Bivvy pet insurance you can take your furry friend to any licensed veterinary practice, emergency hospital or specialist!

Just like you can’t leave your own ID at home when flying, you can’t forget to grab your pet’s ID either! Make sure their collar has up to date information and that your name, address and phone number is on their collar and crate. Remember to put a copy of their medical records in their crate or carrier too should an emergency occur when you’re not nearby. The chances of you and your pet getting separated are slim, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Don't forget to sign your pet up for affordable pet insurance too! With Bivvy you can go to any vet, anywhere life takes you. We skip the hassle of insurance cards, so that means you have one less thing to pack! Signing up for Bivvy cat insurance or dog insurance is easy. 

Getting There

No matter how you’re getting to your destination, proper planning will be in order for a stress-free travel day.

If traveling by plane, ensure you’re familiar with your airline’s rules on traveling with pets. We suggest over-communicating with the airline before your travel day so there are no surprises when you get to the airport. Make sure you have your proper identification, label your pet’s crate or travel bag accordingly, and ask what will happen with your pet if you’re separated during a layover. If you get to travel together, it’s equally important to be informed. Know where and when your pet can take a bathroom break and the rules when within the plane as fetch is likely not allowed.  

Hitting the road instead? Map out the best places for bathroom breaks and running around. You both may appreciate pretty parks versus an ill-timed pit-stop on the side of the road. Plus, don’t forget to brush up on pet safety for the drive. You’ll want your pet to be comfortable and safe in case you hit any rocky roads.

Enjoying Your Stay

Between staying with a loved one, renting or booking a hotel, we’re sure you want to be a courteous guest. Before you go, assuming you’re not being hosted by a family member or friend, do your research on pet-friendly hotels or rentals. You’ll find some are more welcoming to pets than others and you may be charged more for having your furry friend in tow.

When booking a pet-friendly hotel, we’d suggest asking for a room on a lower floor so it’s easier to get your furry friend in and out for bathroom breaks. Plus, it’s always smart to bring an old towel to clean wet or dirty paws so as not to get charged later for stained sheets or carpeting. If you’re leaving your cat or dog by themselves, we suggest putting the “do not disturb” sign on your door. You’d hate to give the hotel staff a shock when they come spruce up your room, let alone be an unwelcomed surprise to your furry friend!

If renting through an online service, do your research to see if there are parks nearby to take your pup. If you’re on a busy highway with no sidewalks or green space, it’ll make bathroom breaks and walks that much harder. Once you arrive, consider taking photos of the furniture and knickknacks before your pet gets too comfortable. You know them best, so if a glittery lamp or a large plant may be a temptation for your pet when left alone, you may want to stow certain items in a closet and put them back before you leave.

For those well-traveled with pets, what tips are we missing? We’re sure there is more helpful advice you may have learned from experience. Send us a note and we’ll add them to our post!