We’ve Partnered with Vetter Software!



November 11, 2020

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Vetter Software, a leading cloud veterinary practice management software. This new integration allows our Bivvy claim team to securely get medical records from partnering vet offices even faster, which means quicker approvals and reimbursements for our pet parents.

For Pet Parents

By eliminating the back and forth between our team and the vet office, our Bivvy pet parents can have added peace-of-mind knowing their claim will be reviewed quickly and accurately.

We work hard to ensure our insurance is affordable, and approachable, to all pet parents. Beyond our simple and transparent coverage, our claims process is always evolving to better meet our pet parents’ needs. This new integration with partnering vet offices allows us to serve our pet parents even faster!

As a reminder, we protect your (and your furry family member’s!) information and will never sell your data to third parties.

For Vets

Once you partner with Vetter Software, if you haven’t already, you can opt to pair your Vetter Software account with our claim management system. Once connected, we can find our insured pets’ medical records without needing to contact your office for help.

As a reminder, HIPPA laws do not apply to pets, so individual record sharing doesn’t need to be approved with each pet parent. Instead, this integration smooths our shared pet parents’ experience, from vet visit to insurance reimbursement, while eliminating the energy your team spends to find and send medical records.

We each know firsthand the devastating impact of economic euthanasia, and our Bivvy insurance fills the gap for pet parents living paycheck to paycheck who face a heartbreaking decision.

If you’re not already a partner with Vetter Software, you can check them out here.

We are always looking to improve our pet parents’ experience. Making it easier for vet offices to support our claims process is a no-brainer way to do just that!

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