Wag-Worthy Winter Activities



January 5, 2022

The colder months doesn’t mean that you and your furry family member can’t still have a blast together! It can feel like options are limited for activities to participate in with your furry family member when the weather starts to get colder. Not to worry, we at Bivvy have provided you with a list of indoor and outdoor activities to ensure you and your pet have a pawsome time!


Indoor Activities

Indoor Dog Park

Indoor dog parks are all the rage and are popping up all around the country! This is a great place to take your doggo when you’re sick of being out in the cold this winter. Not only does your pet get to have an unfurgettable time with other fur friends, but they also get to get in their daily exercise!

Here are a few of the best indoor dog parks in the country:



Fetch is a timeless game that both dogs and cats can take part in! Playing fetch indoors with your furry family member still allows them to get some exercise without having to face the harsh cold weather. This game can be played outdoors as well, but we advise keeping it an indoor game for our feline friends!

New Toys

It’s the perfect time to start trying out those new Christmas toys that your fur friend received this holiday season! There are plenty of toys on the market that can provide your pets with entertainment and exercise. If you tend to be busy and away from home frequently, consider investing in robotic toys that your pet can play with while you’re gone!

Pet Play Date

Pet play dates are a blast and can be an indoor activities during the colder months. This can be a small group activity with 2-3 pets, or you can even throw a larger pet party to get everyone involved! One of the best parts of pet play dates is not only does your pet get to socialize with their friends, but you can also socialize with a fellow pet parent!


Outdoor Activities

Snow Maze

A snow maze is a pawsome way to get your pup active and outside this winter! Snow mazes are easy to make at home and are completely free. To make a snow maze, all you have to do is create narrow pathways throughout your yard with a snow shovel. You can create fun twists and turns and connect pathways to make it more fun for your fur friend.


If you love to ski, skijoring might be the perfect activity for you and your doggo! Skijoring is like cross-country skiing, but your pet gets to help and lead the way. All you need for this winter activity is you, your ski gear, your pup, a towline and harnesses. It’s important to note that your dog needs to be healthy and weigh at least 35 pounds to safely go skijoring.

Here are the top 5 best spots to go skijoring in the United States:



Sledding is another great winter activity for you and your pup to take part in. This can be a great activity for your dog to get in some exercise. While there are some breeds that are well suited for the cold weather and make great sledding dogs, any athletic and energetic dog can learn to pull a sled. These dogs should be at least medium-sized and 30lbs or heavier. While there is controversy in professional dog sledding, recreational dog sledding is as safe as any other dog sport. The important thing is to make sure your doggo is having a great time and that they aren’t being pushed too hard.


Hiking is an activity that both you and your pet can enjoy year-round! Hiking in the winter can be a fun and beautiful activity as many trails are scenic during the winter months. It’s also a great way for both you and your dog to get some exercise! While hiking is fun, just like all outdoor winter activities, there are some precautions to take.

Here are a few tips to safely hike with your pup in the winter:


While playing in the snow with your furry family member can be a blast, remember that cold weather can be harmful to dogs. Make sure to limit your dog’s time outdoors in the cold weather, consider bundling up your fur friend, and remember that not all dog breeds are suited for the cold. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re cold, your pup probably is too! Protect your pet from unexpected accidents and illnesses that can arise during the winter months with Bivvy pet insurance. Our affordable pet insurance provides you with peace-of-mind knowing your pets are protected.