Bivvy Wellness Care
Fetch savings on the routine stuff
For an extra $9 a month, you can choose to add Wellness Care to your Bivvy pet insurance plan. With Wellness Care, Bivvy will reimburse you directly for some of your family pet's routine expenses such as shots, checkups and tests. With Bivvy’s Wellness Care and insurance coverage, you can ensure your sweet pet is well taken care of. Check out our Wellness Care coverage below and see if it’s the right addition for your family!
For $9 a month, Wellness Care pays up to the following annual limits with no deductible.
Wellness Examinations
Rabies Vaccination
Other Vaccinations
Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention
FELV Screen
Heartworm Test
Urinalysis or ERD
Total Annual Benefit
How does Wellness Care impact my deductible, co-payment and annual limit?

Wellness Care coverage doesn’t impact your insurance policy’s deductible, co-payments or annual limit. Plus, Wellness Care reimbursements are not subject to a deductible.

I have multiple pets; can the Wellness Care plan cover all of them?

Wellness Care is pet-specific, just like our insurance policies! Each of your family pets can have the Wellness Care option attached to their insurance policy during sign-up or when renewing their policy. Wellness Care benefit maximums will remain separate based on the care each pet receives over the course of their policy year.

How do I apply Wellness Care to my vet bills?

Just like our Bivvy pet insurance coverage, Wellness Care reimburses pet parents directly for approved claims. You send us your vet bill through your Bivvy pet parent account, and we’ll send you a reimbursement for approved Wellness Care costs. We work hard to review claims and send reimbursements as soon as possible!

Can I only sign up for Wellness Care?

At this time, you’re not able to sign up for Wellness Care without an insurance policy.

Does my employer code apply to my Wellness Care?

For sure! If your employer is a Bivvy partner, you can apply your employer code to both your Wellness Care and your policy premium for each furry friend you sign up.

How will I be charged for Wellness Care?

Your $9 monthly Wellness Care premium will be charged using the payment method you select when signing up. You can change your payment method any time by logging into your Bivvy pet parent account.

When do wellness benefits reset?

Our Wellness Care benefits reset each policy year!

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