Benefits of Pet Insurance



March 2, 2022

Many pet parents, both first timers and long-time owners, often wonder how they can best support their family pet. One of the main ways to support your pet is by making their health a top priority. A common issue pet parents run into is that vet visits can be expensive and small-dollar savings, while an important financial habit, may not be enough in the case of a large, unexpected expense. From routine visits to emergency care, these fees can add up quickly and put a squeeze on our pocketbooks if not wipe out our growing savings account entirely. Not to worry, there’s a solution: pet insurance.

Our team at Bivvy has provided a list of some of the benefits of having pet insurance for your family pet!

Accidents happen

While we never want our family pets to face an accident or an illness, even the healthiest pets can experience an emergency. In fact, one in three pets will need emergency care every year and every 2.5 seconds a pet is receiving emergency care in the United States. This can leave pet parents with difficult financial decisions to make on top of the stress of having a sick or injured pet. While we can’t always avoid an unexpected accident or illness, we can prepare for it with Bivvy pet insurance!

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Financial support

It’s no secret that vet care for your pet can be expensive. The American Pet Products Association reported that pet owners spent $18.11 billion on veterinary care in 2018. The cost of pet healthcare is rising, which is why it’s a smart strategy to explore affordable pet insurance.

Some pet parents may opt for small-dollar savings to self-insure as opposed to a pet insurance policy. While small-dollar savings is an excellent financial habit to have, saving $10 a month for your pet may not be enough in the case of a large vet expense. Plus, the average cost of emergency vet care is $1,500, which many individuals do not have saved up for their pet’s emergencies.

Instead of taking years to save enough for your pet’s emergency fund, pet insurance may be able to provide the financial cushion you’re looking for.

Here are a few of the most frequent emergency vet visits and their expenses:

  1. Ear Infection. The average cost of treatment for an ear infection can be between $100-$250.
  2. Diarrhea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal issues. The average cost for diarrhea or intestinal upset can range from $200-$400. This expense can drastically vary depending on the severity of the issue at hand.
  3. Urinary Tract Infection. The average cost for treatment is $275.
  4. Allergies. While this cost can vary, a vet consultation may range from $50-$150 per visit. Medications can cost $20-$100 or more!



When you sign up for pet insurance, you’re providing yourself with peace-of-mind. If your beloved family pet were to have an accident or become ill, the last thing a pet parent should have to focus on is how they’re going to cover the cost of their vet visit. Pet insurance allows you to focus on your pet’s health and alleviate some financial stress.

Don’t believe us? Check out what these two Bivvy pet parents have to say:

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Pick your vet

Human health insurance plans typically work by requiring you to attend specific healthcare providers; however, Bivvy pet insurance works a bit differently.

Bivvy allows you to take your family pet to any licensed vet anywhere! We directly reimburse our pet parents, which gives you the freedom to go to the vet you feel most comfortable with or that’s most convenient to you in an emergency. Your vet doesn’t have to accept insurance, or even know you’re covered, for your insurance to work. We skip the hassle of insurance cards and vet networks and give our pet parents the power to choose their vet!

Not only does this allow you to go with the vet you’re most comfortable with, but it also gives pet parents the option to travel with their pet, knowing they can attend any vet if needed.

Any age, size and breed

Bivvy pet insurance accepts all dogs and cats no matter their age, size or breed! For an affordable monthly premium, we accept all doggos and felines, plus our prices don’t change depending on the age of your family pet.

Routine pet care

Not only can pet insurance help protect your family pet against emergencies, but it can help cover the cost of routine and preventative care too! Part of making sure our pets are well taken care of is making sure their everyday health is in tip-top shape. Routine care can also help catch diseases and other conditions before it’s a major risk to your pet’s health.

You can add on Bivvy Wellness Care* to your Bivvy policy to receive reimbursements on routine care, from wellness check-ups to heartworm prevention!

Pet insurance by real pet parents

Bivvy is run by a mission-driven team of real pet parents! We’re here to support our fellow pet lovers and we’re proud to be there for you should your pet need extra care.

Plus, we’re readily accessible. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us through our social media platforms, our email and over the phone!


We know how important it is for our pets to be happy and healthy, which is why we offer an affordable, hassle-free policy. If you haven’t already, cover your pet with Bivvy today!


*Bivvy Wellness Care only available in select states across the U.S.