7 Reasons Why Bivvy is the Best Pet Insurance



February 15, 2021

As pet parents, we love our furry family members and would do anything to keep them happy and healthy. However, pet care can add up, especially in the case of an accident or illness. Bivvy is a new breed of pet insurance that’s an affordable, right-sized option.

Check out our top 7 reasons why we’re the cat’s pajamas!

1. Bivvy offers affordable, right-sized coverage.

For less than $1 a day, you can cover your furry family member! Unlike other guys, we don’t charge you for coverage you’ll likely never need. Instead, our coverage is right-sized to fit what you’ll more likely use. With Bivvy, everyone can have affordable pet insurance!

2. You can go to any licensed vet!

Yes, really. As a Bivvy pet parent, you have the freedom to go to the vet you feel most comfortable with or that’s most convenient to you in an emergency. Your vet doesn’t have to accept insurance, or even know you’re covered, for your insurance to work. We skip the hassle of insurance cards and networks and give our pet parents the power to choose their vet!

3. All dogs and cats are welcome.

Bivvy accepts all dogs and cats no matter their age, breed, or size. Plus, we don’t raise rates due to increasing age and claim history like other guys.

4. We’re pet insurance made by pet parents.

Our team of pet lovers created Bivvy for our fellow pet parents. We want the best for our pet community: simple and transparent coverage for an affordable price.

5. Fast claims!

To file a claim, pet parents simply log into their pet parent account and upload a copy of their vet bill. We work hard to review claims in a few business days so we can get reimbursement benefits out to our pet parents ASAP! Plus, we’re transparent about our coverage before you sign up to avoid surprises at claim time.

6. Bivvy is constantly improving.

As we continue to grow, we’ve expanded our offerings to pet parents. In qualifying states, you can add Bivvy Wellness Care for preventative and routine care. Additionally, we offer another way to pay for pet expenses with Bivvy Pet Credit. Plus, we’re constantly adding enhancements to meet our pet parents’ needs, such as choosing your payment date, adding a backup payment method, and more!

7. Real team members are here to help!

Our friendly, helpful team members are ready to answer your questions over email, social media, and phone. Connect with us on the platform that works best for you!

We are proud to be there for our pet parents and their fur family when they need us. Simple and affordable protection is just a few clicks away. Check out our coverage and sign up.

Bivvy Pet Credit is subject to credit approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change and may vary based on creditworthiness and qualifications.