Bivvy Dogs | Top 5 Vet Visits



February 22, 2021

Hey pet parents—we’re just like you. We adore our furry family members, and the idea of them having any kind of medical event is distressing, not to mention can be a strain on the pocketbook. But we want you to be prepared—so we’ll clue you in on the five insurance claims we receive most frequently. Plus, we’ll share top tips on how to spot and handle these ailments in your pup.

Ear Infections

If your dog starts to scratch at their ears, shake or tilt their head, they could be suffering from this all too common aliment amongst our pooches. If you take your dog for swims, you’ll need to be especially careful. Ear infections can result from moisture buildup in the ear, or foreign bodies, like mites, making their way in. They can also result from allergies to food or things in the environment, growths, or trauma to the ear.

And, sorry to break the news—ear infections in dogs won’t usually go away on their own, and DIY-treating at home isn’t recommended. Take your pup to the vet for examination and treatment.

And if your little one is a Cocker or Springer Spaniel, a Shar-Pei, a Lab or a Golden, a Schnauzer or a Poodle, keep a special eye out. These breeds can be prone to recurring ear infections.

Your vet can help clean your dog’s ears and determine what the cause is, which may include blood tests and x-rays.


Yes, we must give that loveliest of topics a brief treatment here. Dog diarrhea usually can be treated at home. But if it lasts more than two days, is black and tarry, contains blood, or coincides with prolonged loss of appetite or vomiting, it needs medical attention.

If your dog’s a grownup and this fateful bug hits, you can wait a couple days to see if it goes away by itself. But don’t take this approach with a puppy. Their little systems aren’t that hardy yet.

If you’re treating at home, don’t give them any meds that haven’t been prescribed by your vet. Give them bland food like boiled chicken or white rice. Or try fasting your adult dog (not a puppy!) for 6-12 hours, then slowly reintroducing food.

Urinary Tract Infection

One in three dogs will get a UTI. They can look like frequent attempts to urinate with no result, or showing signs that urinating is painful. Frequent grooming of themselves below the belt? Smelly urine? Indoor peeing? Take your dog to the vet for a urinalysis. Your vet will treat your dog’s UTI with a prescribed antibiotic or anti-inflammatory (also covered by our affordable pet insurance!), or will send you home with a diet regiment if stones have formed that need to be dissolved.


You get ‘em, I get ‘em, and dogs get ‘em. They can come from fleas, food, or the environment. If you’re not already doing a monthly flea treatment, start. That’s one quick win against a common source of allergy trouble (And here’s another notch you can add to your belt of being a Grade A pet parent: tack on Bivvy Wellness Care for just $9 more per month in available states. Why? It covers flea and tick prevention)!

If the suspected allergen source is your pup’s food, try to determine the ingredient you think might be the culprit. Once you have a list of leads, Google dog food sans that ingredient. There are TONS of options out there these days for our doggos who need a bit of additional attention.


This one’s similar to diarrhea, in that it could be no big deal and quickly resolve itself. But if your dog is persistently losing their lunch, or the vomiting is accompanied by other symptoms, head to the vet. If in doubt, at least call your vet and talk to either them or a tech who can determine if it sounds serious enough to get checked out.

If it’s not serious, dog vomiting can be treated at home like diarrhea above. If it’s serious enough to require a vet visit, in an extreme case, testing, inpatient treatment, or surgery might be needed.

So take care out there, dog moms and dads! Life with a pup is splendid, warts (or rather ear infections, diarrhea, UTIs, allergies, vomiting) and all. Let us support you along the way with refreshingly simple and affordable pet insurance. Sign up here in three minutes or less. Bivvy pet insurance has saved members on costs related to the five most common claims above. From diagnostic testing, blood tests, and emergency care, vet care can add up quickly. And with Bivvy you can go to ANY vet, even if you’re traveling and away from your usual one or need to visit an emergency clinic. Stay well!