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October 29, 2020

We know that providing for a furry friend can get expensive. That was one of the main reasons that drove us to create our simple, affordable pet insurance. Even if you’re not buying the latest and greatest brand of dog food, or the most aesthetically pleasing cat condo money can buy, just the day-to-day standard expenses can add up if you’re not intentional about being frugal. From good habits you can form that will reduce future costs, to coupons, to going green, to financial assistance for veterinary emergencies, and—yes, pet health insurance, here are some tips for helping your pet dollars go further, without compromising on quality or necessities.

Lifestyle Habits

Just like a human, if a pet lives a healthy lifestyle from a young age, they’re less likely to have major health problems later on. It’s up to you to keep your pet fit, with lots of exercise, and no overfeeding over the course of their lives, to lessen the likelihood of expensive treatments and procedures. Not only will this save you veterinary costs, but feeding a proper, regulated amount and not an excess, will save you in food costs too.

The bigger and more nuanced the pet care industry becomes, the more options there are for what to feed your pet. And while it may be tempting to justify feeding your pet the newest trending, high-end, premium food, don’t! At least not if you’re trying to reduce spending. But don’t go too low-quality either. There are plenty of middle-of-the-road pet food brands that are perfectly sufficient, and very budget-friendly.

Having your pet professionally groomed can be fun if you have the budget for it, but most everything a groomer does, you can learn to do on your own.

One final area where you can save your future self some expense is in the dental department! Poor dental hygiene in pets can lead to lots of other costly health problems. You brushing your pet’s teeth can add years to their life, save you money on dental cleaning bills, and avoid future medical expenses.

Explore Your Veterinary Options

Making regular veterinary check-ups a part of your pet’s routine increases the likelihood that if your pet does develop a major medical issue, you’ll catch it early and before it becomes more serious and costly.

If your vet prescribes your pet medication, they may not be giving you the lowest price they could. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they can recommend a cheaper alternative, or a generic over-the-counter product that will work just as well.

Keep an eye out for free or low-cost clinics and vaccination events in your area.

You can check out your local humane society for low cost care, or Google free and low-cost clinics in your area. Look up nonprofits too; they may have funds available to give out in pet emergency situations. Like Face FoundationHelp a Pet, and Pet Fund. A Google search will yield tons of others.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Be a pet toy and furniture minimalist! Don’t blow your whole paycheck on trinkets for your pet that will probably just overwhelm them or sit there untouched. Instead, find just a couple of things your pet likes and stick with those. If you already have spoiled your pet with excesses and want to simplify, try donating your items to a shelter, or selling them on Facebook marketplace or at a garage sale if you want to recoup some of your money. You can also easily make, rather than purchase, your own pet toys. For example, make your own cat scratchers by buying just sisal rope or corrugated cardboard, and affixing it to something you already have.

Organize a Sitter Swap

When you go out of town, instead of hiring a pet sitter that will cost a pretty penny, trade off with a friend! Next time they go out of town, it’s your turn to watch their furry friends. Or, hire a trustworthy teen or someone who could use the work, in exchange for a gift card or a little spending money.

Clip Those Coupons

There are tons of possibilities here if you know where to find them. Check out,, and Put yourself on pet supply brands’ email lists to hear about sales and receive coupon codes. Or just go Googling for coupons for the products you need!

If you notice that something you regularly use is on sale, buy it in bulk.

And if you set up a recurring order (say, a monthly standing dog food or kitty litter order) on some websites, they offer discounts. Amazon does.

Buying bowls or cat condos at garage sales or thrift stores is typically fine. Just make sure the items look clean, and don’t smell. And you may still want to do some of your own disinfecting at home just to be safe, but this can be another easy way to save some pet expense. You can also keep an eye on the Craigslist “free” section over time to see if local pet supplies ever get posted there. Or, you can put up your own want-ad there for what you’re looking for.

How About Pet Health Insurance?

Pet insurance coverage, like Bivvy’s, can absolutely save you money. At less than a dollar a day, Bivvy’s affordable pet insurance can be a game-changer in your pet expenditures. Bivvy’s affordable pet insurance offers support on care relating to new accidents, emergency care, illnesses, surgery, and prescription meds. Enrolling so you’re covered in case your pet does have an emergency (and most pets will at least once in their lives) is a smart strategy.

And Bivvy has another form of pet health insurance called Bivvy Wellness Care, which is offered in select states. For an additional $9 per month, your pet’s routine and preventative expenses can be covered. Bivvy pet parents taking advantage of that simply submit their vet bills online and can be reimbursed for approved wellness care costs.

Helping your pet live their best life doesn’t have to be a bank-breaker!

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