Cover Your Kitty Cat

Bivvy cat insurance offers you peace-of-mind at a price you can afford. Plus, our cat coverage is easy to understand and use!

Cat insurance that's friendly on your pocketbook

A new breed of cat insurance

Bivvy cat insurance is different. It's a first of its kind insurance product that's affordable and has eliminated the complicated schedule of benefits offered by many other cat insurance companies.

Stay focused on helping your kitty recover and let Bivvy cat insurance help protect you from the burden of unexpected medical bills. While the advances in veterinary care are becoming more effective, cat care costs are rising. We hope that all pets stay happy and healthy, but if your family feline does become sick or injured Bivvy can help pay for the expense.


Plus, with Bivvy Wellness Care you can add coverage for your kitty cat's routine vet expenses. Explore why Bivvy is the best pet insurance solution for your cat family.





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What Bivvy covers

For only $15 per month, Bivvy will help cover your cat’s care as it relates to accidents and illnesses. Now that's affordable cat insurance! See our sample policy for a complete list of inclusions.

For your cat's preventative and routine vet expenses, you can add Bivvy Wellness Care!

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What Bivvy does not cover

We have nothing to hide. We want you to know what is not covered by our cat insurance policy. See our sample policy for a complete list of exclusions. Remember, you can add Bivvy Wellness Care to help with your cat’s preventative and routine vet expenses too!


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