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Coverage for the state of Texas:

Who we cover

We’re one of the few insurers in the market who offer coverage to pets beyond cats and dogs. Plus, our coverage is uniquely affordable at $15 per month. Check out who we don't cover here.

One-of-a-kind pet insurance 

Many pet insurance companies limit coverage to just dogs and cats. Not Bivvy. We are one of the very few pet insurance companies that extend coverage to other beloved family pets! 


Our top priority at Bivvy pet insurance is making sure your family pets are covered in the case of an accident or illness. With rising pet costs, we know that protecting your pet can get pricey. That’s why Bivvy works hard to ensure that our pet parents don’t have to stress over unexpected medical bills and instead focus on their family pet’s recovery.  


Not only do we protect against the unexpected, but you can also add on our Wellness Care to cover your pet’s routine care expenses.  





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What Bivvy covers

For only $15 per month, Bivvy will help cover your pet’s care as it relates to accidents and illnesses. Now that's affordable pet insurance! See our sample policy for a complete list of inclusions.


For your pet’s preventative and routine vet expenses, you can add Bivvy Wellness Care!

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What Bivvy does not cover

We have nothing to hide. We want you to know what is not covered by our pet insurance policy. See our sample policy for a complete list of exclusions.


Remember, you can add Bivvy Wellness Care to help with your pet’s preventative and routine vet expenses too!

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